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Old World Map

Repetitious Transportation


Wood, Acrylic, Canvas, Fabric

10' x 7' x 6'

(120.0” x 84.0” x 72.0”)

Location: University Library, Xavier University of Louisiana

New Orleans, LA

Barriane Franks Ship Sculpture (1).jpg

This piece serves a painful reminder of the historic ships that enforced the migration of enslaved African peoples from their homeland to a foreign, brutal new reality. These deplorable decades have taken a toll on the weathered ship, unable to even stand alone, dependent upon added planks and stands symbolizing the evolution and perpetuation of this system in order to disenfranchise their descendants long after freedom had been “granted.” One perpetuation is the mass incarceration of people of color, specifically African-Americans, as depicted in the model of Angola, a Louisiana plantation turned prison. An illustration of the modern plantation lay in the hull just as the bodies of the enslaved who enclose this scene were transported in the ship’s interior. This imagery is a physical representation of the horrible efforts taken by those who wish to maintain a racial divide amongst the peoples in this nation; however, if united, this ship can be forced to retire once and for all.

Ship Sculpture Event Invite.jpg

Special Thanks

Xavier University of Louisiana Art Department

Xavier University Library

New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA) and NOCCA Foundation

Kathleen McKinney and Barron Franks


Sally Shushan

Plaque by Awards Unlimited of Chalmette

NOLA Tricentennial

Mixed Media Light Sculpture


5ft x 3ft x 6ft


The piece “NOLA Tricentennial Band” celebrates the 300 years of New Orleans history, music, and culture. This installation includes the six instruments used in a second line jazz band: the sousaphone, saxophone, bass drum, snare drum, trombone, and trumpet. Inspired by the culture of the second line. This piece represents the music so important to the city and how it touches everyone who listens to it.

Display Locations


December 2019

Screenshot 2022-06-28 1.10.06 AM.png

December 2020

SALON gallery + Artist Studios
Arts Council New Orleans

Screenshot 2022-07-08 2.57.16 PM.png
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