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This is America


This is America Art Exhibition

This is America Art Exhibition

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Exhibition Summary

“The more things change, the more they stay the same” is a well known statement meaning although things change as time goes on, many elements from the past still exist. Throughout American history, African-Americans have endured an arduous and treacherous fight for equality which has led to improvement in racial understanding and equality; however, there are still issues to be addressed, many of which are simply evolved forms of past racial prejudice.


The historical fight for injustice of the past can be compared to that of the present through the race riots in 1900s to police brutality, the marches of the Civil Rights Movement to the #Black Lives Matter Movement,  and the quick shift of power from the first African-American president to a leader who catalyzes bigotry and hatred. The history of the United States is filled with tales of victory and triumph; however, it is also sullied with hatred and hypocrisy.


My “This is America” art exhibition was inspired by Donald Glover’s famous song and music video that uses symbolism and visual elements to teach we must study the past, see how it continues to haunt us, and work to improve these issues. The work in this exhibition also contains heavy symbolism and narratives relating to the theme of social and racial injustice. America should learn from its mistakes and work to improve these issues to make this country better for future generations.



The "This is America" exhibition catalog is a collection of the works displayed in the art exhibition as well as cohesive description of the works by the artist and their relation to the history of America.

The book is separated into four chapters: "Antebellum America," "American Civil Rights Movement," "Police Brutality in America," and "American in 2018 (and Beyond)."

Whether you would like to enjoy the work for the first time or gain further insight on this enlightening exhibition, copies are available now at no cost outside shipping & handling fees.


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