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This piece serves a painful reminder of the historic ships that enforced the migration of enslaved African peoples from their homeland to a foreign, brutal new reality as compared to its perpetuation through the mass incarceration of people of color, specifically African-Americans, as depicted in the model of Angola, a Louisiana plantation turned prison. 

“Throughout my career as an artist, I wish to inspire my viewers, convey my emotions, and give them a new outlook on the world around them.”

-Barriane Franks, Artist Statement


A selection of works from the multi-accolade and acclaimed series that compares social injustice of the past to the events of the present day.





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A Recapitulation of the Reincarnations of Institutional Racism

Online Exhibit & Artist Talk


 “We the People (?)”: A Recapitulation of the Reincarnations of Institutional Racism" is a summary of institutional racism in the United States and the new ways in which it is enforced throughout each era. By looking at each event and its historical reincarnation, we can work toward achieving the true form of the Preamble that includes every citizen in the United States of America.

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This is America

My first solo art exhibition, inspired by Donald Glover's song and music video, showcasing my Social Injustice Series, as well as four pieces from the NOLA Collection, displayed at Xavier University of Louisiana.

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